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1 Year Warranty Terms

Your cluster will come with a 1 year warranty on the new stepper motors (part # X25 168) that I will install in the cluster. The 1 year warranty covers only the failure of the stepper motor itself. I do not warranty anything else on the cluster. The new backlight bulbs will not have any warranty on them but they are very high quality 40,000 hour life bulbs so you should not ever have any problems with them. To have warranty work done you must contact me by phone or email and explain to me what your problem is. After I approve that the problem is a stepper motor then you may send your cluster to me for repairs. You are responsible for all shipping cost to me and the return shipping back to you. For me to do any warranty work you must have the warranty terms paper and the original receipt that you received with your cluster when I repaired it the first time. Your cluster has a cluster number on it, which will be wrote on your warranty term paper. If the cluster number on the cluster does not match the number on the warranty term paper or does not match the cluster number I have on file then you will be charged full price for any repairs I make.